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Elrieke van Gelderen

Born in Rhenen, The Netherlands, Elrieke is a dynamic singer-songwriter. Her music can best be described as ‘Folk Related Acoustic’. Elrieke sings new songs into her phone when she’s on the road; working on them later at home.

She is mostly influenced by Folk-Americana; including Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell and Patti Griffin She loves the Trans-Alantic sessions and is now working in England from time to time and picking up more influences there.

She has a unique style, sings as if her life depends on it, and engages the audience to the point where each person feels as if she is there for them alone.

Elrieke is presently working with two other singer/songwriters; Linda Simpson (ex Magna Carta) and Leopold Geldtmeijer who is also a session musician and has had compositions used in films.

She is a wonderful, vibrant, live performer who is set to take the world by storm.

Book her now or regret it later.


Useless Desire 

- Morgan in his Case

Biography Elrieke

Elrieke has always been enthralled by singing, dancing and acting.

Throughout her childhood she always acted out her dreams, made theatrical entrances, and sang along with her favourites on the radio. Later she took dancing and music lessons.

Life was good in the small, close knit community in Veenendaal.

When she was 12, her family moved to Drunen in the South of Holland. This turned Elrieke’s life upside down. Drunen seemed like a foreign country and she felt very alone; simply didn’t want to be there, so withdrew into herself for a while. She spent a lot of time sitting in her room, listening to music on the radio, or walking to places where she could sit and watch the world go by, unsure of what she wanted from life.

Sometime between then and the age of 17 she realised that she was fascinated by the human condition. She wanted to make a difference to people’s lives and help them, so she decided to go to college with a view to becoming a social worker.

She started to rent her first house at 21 and, after graduating, at the age of 23, started her career in Breda. She had a long term boyfriend, but when that relationship came to an end a couple of years later, Elrieke suddenly realised that things had to change and music came back into her life – big time.

Elrieke knew that she could sing, but lacked the confidence to go public, so she joined a group singing class. Jeroen Mathijssen played piano for the group and eventually he and Elrieke put together the band "A Woman’s Voice". They played at ‘Jazz in Duketown’ in Den Bosch and various other venues in the area.

In 2005 Elrieke met singer-songwriter and guitarist Leopold Geldtmeijer.

He inspired and encouraged her to start playing guitar so that she could accompany herself and start to write her own songs. They also started to work together as a duo, going by the name of ‘Crazy Love’.

In 2008, Elrieke and Leopold were at a party, in Epe in Holland, where Magna Carta had been booked to play. After the concert everyone sat around the campfire; those who could play got their guitars out and a jam session was soon underway. Leopold and Elrieke played the Patty Griffin song ‘Useless Desire’ and Linda was immediately drawn into the magic of Elrieke’s talent, and a lasting friendship was forged between the two women.

Realising that if she wanted to ‘make it’ as a singer, she would have to devote her life to it so Elrieke gave up her job as a social worker to follow her heart. That was in January 2009.

In May 2009 Linda left Magna Carta and started to work on a project called ‘Mama Don’t’. In March 2010 Elrieke and Leopold turned up to the first event and made it into a huge success.

In the write-up after the event Linda wrote ‘Elrieke sings as if her life depends on it’.

Elrieke has continued to grow as a performer and songwriter, working all over Holland and occasionally in Britain, building up a large repertoire. She now has an ever growing number of fans. Her music covers a wide range of styles and can best be described as ‘folk related acoustic’ music.

Earlier this year she received a mail from Linda asking what she thought of the idea of the two of them working together. It felt right; Elrieke said yes; and now they are in rehearsals working on new material for their joint venture. The first concerts will be in November in Holland.

In the meantime Elrieke is working on her own material and recording an album.

We can look forward in seeing Elrieke a lot more in the future.