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TANK86 - Instrumental Sludge Metal


Heavy instrumental band TANK86 delivers mighty sonic blows, enlarged by the absence of vocals.2011 sees the release of "Rise". After five years of honing their craft and the release of two EP's, the sound of TANK86 has now come to its full momentum. Harmonised guitars and a more layered approach add more depth to the already massive sound of the band. Never losing sight of the almighty riff, pounding you into oblivion.Over the past years TANK86 has toured Europe with Dozer and stood its ground alongside bands such as Monster Magnet, Pelican and Karma to Burn.Expect collapsing buildings.


+Rise     +Infidel     +Dying Mountain


2011: Rise album 
2008: Behold EP
2005: Ariba EP  

Some reviews:

Stonerobixxx review of Rise album:

“Tank 86 was one of my favorite discoveries back in 2009, this mighty 4-piece is the Dutch answer to Karma To Burn & UK's Capricorns. Hard rockin' instrumental riff mayhem. And yes, these guys know how to make good & interesting instrumental riff rock, which is quite a challenge when it comes to full-length albums. Tank 86 stays heavy & true to the form with their latest effort. 'Rise' is a solid debut with 50 minutes of heavy instrumental stoner metal. Featuring guest appearances from Peter Van Elderen (Peter Pan Speedrock) & Tommi Holappa (Dozer). Apart from the blazing riffs there is also a more dynamic, technical side to 'Rise'. The straight-forward grooves make room for a more varied approach to different guitar & drum patterns (High On Fire comes to mind). There are alot of unconventional song structures to keep things interesting.” The production on this album is fantastic. A clear, heavy sound in a fitting mix. From the hard hitting drums to the crunchy guitar work. And when the riffs are getting heavy, this thing destroys. Turn it to 11, and you will 'expect collapsing buildings'. I think Tank 86 has a bright future ahead with 'Rise', this debut will win alot of new fans & surprise the old ones. This a perfect example of how modern times instrumental metal is done. Fucking heavy and without mercy.  

MetalRage.com live-review, Tank86 /w Moster Magnet at Effenaar, Eindhoven (nl):

First band that played this afternoon was TANK86. What the hell! This band absolutely blew me away. I’ve heard about this Breda based band before, but I actually never had the chance to check them out before. The first band of the night and they give me from the first note on, shivers down my spine. They play instrumental groovy Stoner/Sludge-metal, that is comparable to a band like Capricorns. TANK86 is a bit more straight forwarded and not as dark moody as Capricorns though. The riffs are there, the ideas are there. If this band continues to grow even more, then the Netherlands have a new band, that easily can beat the competition out of the US. This band is by far one of the best Dutch bands I’ve seen for a very long time. They have a self released mini-CD out, and they played all five songs of it. With my personal highlight in the song 'Dmitrj'. This song starts off with a riff, which sounds like when Slayer would play groovy Stoner-rock. An absolute neckbracking riff, which turns slowly in a more slow, improvised moody song. What a beginning of this afternoon!  

Kindamuzik.net, TANk86 /w Witchcraft and Dozer at W2 Den Bosch review:

It doesn't happen very often that the supportact blows away the headliner, but TANK86 does just that. The 4-piece demonstrates an impressive act of instrumental stonerrock, that makes the passing away of a band like Karma to Burn a lot more bearable. A vocalist wouldn't add a sinlge thing to this band. On the contrary: a vocalist would probably bring down the barrage of mighty riffs and heavy rythms that drive forward cleverly composed songs like 'Moloch' and 'Dmitrj'.  

Metalhammer (uk) review on Behold ep:

Holland's TANK86 sound like they're evolving throughout the course of this five-track instrumental MCD. Opener 'Moloch' is an assured, if hardly unprecedented slice of stoner/doom; all lambent, fuzzed-up licks and the kind of bass-driven undertow that make you look like you're praying at the Wailing Wall. But 'Behold' quickly moves into less crowded territory, all chunky, slightly abstracted riffs that recall Capricorns at their most brawny, Pelican at their least, but more likely sired in a love for their Dutch forebears, 90s cult act Kong. Tracks urge themselves on, gorging themselves on their own grooves and birthing fluid guitar breaks, all prepped for the final 'Dust', illuminated by light streaming in from the new horizons it opens up. T86 are bound for glory.  

Aardschok magazine (nl) review on Behold ep:

TANK86 from Breda produces stonerrock that is straight in line with Karma to Burn: heavy ponderous stoner without vocals. Stoner is a genre in which, especially in the Netherlands, vocals often destroy the mean and dirty charisma of such a band. In the genre, singers are hardly ever a true addition. It can go two ways: you either feel the torment in the vocals of for example Dave Wydorf or you taste the hidden tension that Maynard James Keenan summons up, but then we aren't even talking about the stoner genre anymore. TANK86 has tackled every possible problem from the start by not adding any vocals. The best possible decision, because 'Behold' now sounds as a power struggle of riffs, solos and climaxes. TANK86 breathes Motorpsycho, 35007, Lawn and 7zuma7 without effort. Can it get any better? No, TANK86 hits the sensitive, low-tuned string on all fronts, without ever reverting to wankery or pretentiousness.  

Shortlist of most important gigs:

2010-11-26 W2 Den Bosch NL /w Karma to Burn(US) +++ 2010-06-28 Little Devil Tilburg NL /w Valient Thorr (US)  +++ 2009-10-31 De Bosuil Weert NL Gods of Groove festival /w Astrosoniq +++ 2009-09-11 Baroeg Rotterdam NL /w Dyse, Boners inc. +++ 2009-08-29 Melkweg Amsterdam NL SENA PopNL Awards +++ 2008-12-06 Flashback Vriezenveen NL European tour with Dozer +++ 2008-12-05 La Zone Liège/Luik BEL European tour with Dozer  +++ 2008-12-04 Sonic Ballroom Köln GER European tour with Dozer +++ 2008-12-03 Hafenklang Hamburg GER European tour with Dozer +++ 2008-12-02 Kühlhaus Flensburg GER European tour with Dozer +++ 2008-11-30 W2 Den Bosch NL European tour with Dozer +++ 2008-11-29 Westwerk Osnabrück GER European tour with Dozer  +++ 2008-11-28 Nepomuk Altenkunstadt GER European tour with Dozer +++ 2008-11-27 Stadtwerkstatt Linz AUT European tour with Dozer +++ 2008-11-26 Backstage München GER European tour with Dozer +++ 2008-11-25 Arena Vienna AUT European tour with Dozer +++ 2008-11-24 Kunstkeller Fürth GER European tour with Dozer  +++ 2008-11-22 JH Arena 23 Limbach-Oberfrohna GER European tour with Dozer +++ 2008-11-21 Rosenkeller Jena GER European tour with Dozer +++ 2008-11-20 Groove Station Dresden GER European tour with Dozer  +++ 2008-11-19 Wild At Heart Berlin GER European tour with Dozer +++ 2008-10-11 013, Batcave Tilburg NL /w SardoniS, Fire Walk With Us, Viral +++ 2008-09-21 ZXZW festival Tilburg NL /w Pelican +++ 2008-09-19 Groene Engel Oss NL /w Peter Pan Speedrock +++ 2008-06-22 Effenaar Eindhoven NL /w Monster Magnet +++ 2008-06-05 Effenaar Eindhoven NL /w Nine Pound Hammer +++ 2008-04-25 Graanbeurs Breda NL /w Peter Pan Speedrock  +++ 2008-03-29 W2 Den Bosch NL /w Triggerfinger +++ 2008-03-11 013 Tilburg NL /w Dead Meadow +++ 2008-01-25 Boulevard Breda NL “Behold” EP Release